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270,450 € - Stone country house next to a stream

Stone country house (300 m2) in the area of Ponts, Lleida. It’s 3 km from the main road and is completely surrounded by forests and fields, with a stream running by not 4 metres from the front door. It sits on 6 hectares (1 ha = 10,000 m2) of land, half of which consists of fields for growing a huge garden or orchard, the other half being forest. The water mains are directly accessible: it has been channelled to the property, with the access point directly next to the house. There is no electricity, the nearest lines being approximately 3 km away. Almost all of the wood beams, some of which have been replaced, are in perfect condition. One room has beams that are caving in, so reinforcement is required. The interior is completely unfinished (stone, cement, wood) and the water needs to be piped in. At a distance of some 75 metres from the main house is the secondary house, which is in a state of complete ruin (no roofs, just crumbling walls). Even so, it’s a tremendous advantage to have, as permits are not granted to build on this land. If, however, a house already exists, you’re allowed to rebuild. The access road is unpaved, but flat. The setting is idyllic!

Precio: 270,450 €
finca rústica de 300 m²
901 €/m²
25740 Ponts, Lleida

Contacto: Amber ()

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